Genero Brand Refresh

Genero — 2023

Project Scope
Brand design 
Art Direction
Brand Refresh

Genero is a creative and production ecosystem, combining a global creative network, an end-to-end production platform and an expert team. While working for Genero as a digital designer, there was a clear need to update their brand and breathe new life into the visual identity.

Differences in the design style had occured across their site, slide decks, and social media over the last few years. My task was making the design style more cohesive, adding new graphic elements, and building a modern identity that reflected Genero’s brand without departing from the existing logo, typography, and colour palette.

The marketing team updated the brand's positioning to focus on the concept of scale — scale in media, and scale in quantity of content. Inspired by the different aspect ratios in modern media and the 'scale' concept , I created four rectangular shapes in 9:16, 1:1, 4:5, 16:9 to represent this. These formed part of the identity and could be used to create grid structures that showcased this idea in the layouts.