Grass’d Mayo Concept

Grill’d — 2024

Project Scope
Visual Identity
Motion Design 
Art Direction
Campaign Concepts

The “Grass’d Mayo” was created as part of an internal exercise to generate outside-the-box ideas. Working with a partner, we idea was to create a CBD oil infused Herb Mayo sold in a Gatorade Bottle Bong in an effort to generate earned media, gain attention in a crowded social media space, and connect with Gen Z and younger audiences. I was tasked with developing the identity, writing creative copy, and building out the campaign collateral. 

The aim of the creative was to utilise the ‘shock’ factor of the packaging to draw our audience’s attention while also referencing visual language from alternative medicine, stoner culture and gamer culture. 

I started thinking about the cultural crossover between internet culture and gamer/stoner culture. This resulted in the choice of the bold green which references the visual language of the early internet while tieing into a Y2K aesthetic. I also designed a hand drawn typeface that references the psychedelic era but also aligns with current design trends among Gen Z and Millenials.

Utimately the creative was about using bold colours, expressive type, and the shock factor to gain attention, earned media, and stand out in a crowded market.