Zero Footprint Repurposing Exhibition

Grimshaw Architects — 2022

Project Scope
Visual design 
Art Direction

Zero Footprint Repurposing Exhibition
Grimshaw Architects

The Zero Footprint Repurposing event for Melbourne Design Week celebrated the sustainable practices used in Grimshaw's Islington St Project.

Grimshaw was invited to exhibit at the event and showcase how they were repurposing materials from the site in the new building. As part of the Graphics team, I designed a range of display boards for the exhibition and provided art direction throughout the project.

We used a range of photography of the site and historical images from the State Library archives to create a story. The 'storyboard' layout provided a cinematic context to the materials and took the audience on a journey throughout the exhibit.

The display boards showed the journey of the materials from their origin through to their use in the project. We used isometric illustrations of each item to demonstrate where it was from in the building and how it would be repurposed in the new design.

The event was awarded the NGV Melbourne Design Week Award.